“Here I Am”

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Here I Am

Here I Am

I am only a woman

Nothing special

With baggage of life’s trials

One who hugs my pillow at night

For I am so afraid

One who cries out in the night

But no one hears

Here I Am

Am I worth your thoughts?

Am I the one?

Do I have a chance to touch your heart?

Whatever God’s plan is

Here I Am

Impatient for the right man to find me

I stumble

And am not certain of my direction

Yearning to share what is in my heart

Eager to share my thoughts and dreams with another

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Flying High

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Flying High

When there are days that are too long and boring

Little projects that can’t keep you busy

And you wish to be somewhere else

Just imagine yourself as an eagle

Flying High

People pass you by in a state of disinterest

Family members are busy in their own world

Friends seem to be few and insincere

Think of the eagle, which sees everything

Flying High

You dream of faraway places

Knowing you’ll never have the opportunity to see

Imagining how exciting it would be

When you think of yourself as an eagle

Flying High

When your years grow long

And you’re close to moving on to a better place

Standing on your belief that heaven is near

Imagine the angels lifting you up


Flying High

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Soft Spoken

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Soft Spoken

She’s a woman softspoken in her ways
All call her a lady of grace
Hope her gentle nature always stays
A true one of beauty, in satin and lace

Her ways are soft and sweet
She’s one with a loving heart
Giving and sentimental, another you’ll never meet
Her acceptance of anyone
is right from the start

Freindships she has many
Their value is more than words can say
Enimies, she does not have any
To be giving is just her way

Feeling for a man, their is only one
Where the future takes them
The relationship has just begun
Her heart is open
and full of love for him

Not dealing with the past very good
It takes its tole in her mind
He comforts as a freind should
With his words, his affections are kind

She’s a woman softspoken in her ways
All call her a…

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One Little Angel

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One Little Angel


There was a wee, small, little angel

who tried so hard to please.

Her only chore was ringing the choir bell,

but nothing came with ease.


Because the older angels disregarded her chore,

one day she asked if she could see Jesus.

But her request they did ignore,

and paid no attention to her fuss.


This wee, small, little angel was so dear.

She cried and prayed for something special to do,

but none of the others bothered to hear.

She prayed and asked Jesus if what she did was important, too.


The next morning she was called to see the Holy One

for He wanted to hear what she had to say.

He replied to her, “I am God’s only Son,

and you are loved in every way.”


He assigned her to stay by his side

to welcome all the wee…

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Introducing “Muffin and the Junior Guardian Angel Posse” Book #1 “The Angel That Couldn’t”

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First Of  A Series

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First Of  A Series


I have always loved Children’s books, when my own children were small enough for me to read to them.  They loved the ones with the beautiful pictures.  As an adult I have always had a love about anything pertaining to Angels, so my first of several Children’s books has been released.  It is about a small angel named Muffin who wants to feel important in Heaven and have a special task.  I am privileged to introduce my AWESOME Illustrator, Hugo Teixeira from Portugal.  He is well-known in his country, so I am happy to have him on board.  My book he is illustrating for June release will be the first of a series, called (Muffins, (Junior Guardian Angel Pose).  The series is about these small Angels being assigned to Children on Earth and the tasks they perform with…

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If I should

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If I Should



When there is no one to talk to, I think of you

When there is no place to go, I explore in my thoughts

When there is a cloud hovering over, you are my shelter

When the darkness frightens me, you are there to protect


If I should go far away, I know you’ll follow

If I should fall, I know you will pick me up

If I should lose sight of my dreams, you will be there to encourage me

If I should leave this world, I’ll be waiting for you


Life has its ups and downs, and some find it hard to cope

There are always unpredicted hardships

But we find the strength to get through

In the midst of turmoil, there is always calmness with you


Family may move away or become distant in their hearts

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Innocence Of A Child’s Prayer

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Innocence of a Child’s Prayer



There is a small boy

Who knelt down by his bed to pray one night.

This is what he said:


Dear Jesus,

I know you are used to hearing grownup’s prayers.

I am little, but could you, maybe, hear my prayers tonight?

My grandpa is sick and has something I can’t say,

And he doesn’t feel like playing with me anymore.

I never had a daddy,

And Mama said he did not want me.

Jesus, why would he not want me?

I don’t think I did anything wrong.

My mama works at night at the diner

While I stay home by myself.

I am scared, so I make a tent in my room to hide.

I have a flashlight, too.

I wonder why other kids in school make fun of me.

Billy said I was a welfare kid.

I sure…

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