“Whispers Through The Night”

“Whispers Through The Night”

Intimate couple

Whispers Through The Night

Two lovers loving so intimately

Not caring what is happening beyond the moment

Aroused by only the touch of a hand,

And the whispers through the night

The twinkle in their eyes is like the stars in the sky

The smell of their scent is like a warm summer’s day

Longing and hoping this intense feeling they have for each other

Lasts forever and just as strong

The magic of love is a blissful peace

The soft noises that lovers make

Are like whispers through the night

Oh, the wonderful pleasure in the whispers through the night

Update on: “She Survived it all” Many thanks to my readers and friends!

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I had posted a request to keep a blog “She Survived it ALL” going, because someone from back home was in trouble.  She had just been severely beaten by her soon to be husband and was reaching out to me.  I didn’t know her very well, but she had known about my brutal attack years ago and how I had became a part time journalist for a local paper and a supporter and volunteer at a safe house.

I received such a united front of support and concern, I felt it was my responsibility to let my fellow readers, friends and followers on her situation and condition.  She stayed several weeks at a safe house, receiving counseling and their finding her housing and financial support.  She is far from being alright, but well on her way to recovery and a new way of life and hopefully, a big dose of a better self-esteem.

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deposit photo-homeless children

I’ve got a Feeling

Little ones without a home or a bed
Children should be in our care
Not a place to lay their weary heads
God, the burdens they must bear
On the streets, day or night
Corruption is in the crowds
Not ever knowing the people’s plight
Not knowing the ones who cry out loud
Homeless, ragged, hungry, and sad
God, how could we allow things to get so bad?

I’ve got a feeling
Heaven’s angels are crying there
For we have lost our willingness to care
Look at all the ages in despair

I’ve got a feeling
The day of reckoning will come
The wrath of God will apply to some
People, some young, some old
Will find their place at heaven’s gate
The righteous will be brought into the fold
While the merciless will have to wait

I’ve got a feeling
Heaven’s angels are crying there

Spirit of Expectation


Spirit of Expectation

Spirit in me, don’t judge too fast

I wish for peace of my existence to last

Spirit, oh Spirit

Don’t fail me now

I’ll find a way to avoid expectation somehow

To those who mean me no good

I remember in the past where I stood

I’d go back to the beginning if I could

Spirit of expectation

Leave me in peaceful contemplation

I live for clarity of mind and heart

Let this restlessness depart

Let me be certain of what I have and have not

Spirit, oh Spirit

Allow me to remember all the good things I forgot

Not Alone

I remember times of my childhood

Times of sadness and grief

Not ever having much and so misunderstood

But I was not alone

Life has been a hard journey for me

Never knowing where to go

Too complicated and in a haze for me to see

That I was not alone

Searching for a home where I could be a part

Running to or from someone or something

Hoping to find a place in someone’s heart

But I was never alone

With the concept that children never leave you

That it is the parents that run away

My understanding of life was far from being true

But I was not alone

There are seasons in our lives, like chapters in a book

Each one having its own meaning

Measuring our accomplishments and how our future will look

But we will not be alone

I pray to You, Oh Lord, for love to come my way

For someone to share my life with

To be with until my dying day

So I will not be alone

For even in the valleys, You love me still

Even through my bad choices

And events not of my will

You see that I am never alone

One moment of peace erases a thousand tears shed

So my faith will stay strong

When I slumber I will dream of You instead

So I will never be alone

Each Little Teardrop


little girl is crying

Each Little Teardrop

As I lie in my bed, crying every night

I remember something Grandma said

as she held me close

snuggled against her breast.

With fear and sadness overwhelming me

I’d remember what she would say

“Go ahead and cry, little one, I am here.

Grandma loves you, just wait and see

each and every teardrop

has a blessing that’s just for you.”

Now as my life goes by

and all the heartaches begin

like losing my loved ones

and asking myself why

I’m feeling sadness within.

People say, “God says nothing is an accident.

Each person has a season.

Tears are like rains that wash away the pain

and people meet for a specific reason.”

So, my friend, lean on me

for my intentions are true.

Give your worries to the Lord

and don’t be so blue.

Even if you cry a thousand teardrops

each has a blessing that will come back to you.

Dedicated to Grandma Brinlee