Magic Of The Touch

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Magic in the Touch

There is magic in the touch.
All of us need the magic of the touch, a hug, or a kiss.
Human beings thrive on affections of all kinds,
and do not do well without the magic of the touch.
A small infant knows the soothing and comfort of a simple touch
and falls asleep feeling safe.
With a child, a touch and hug can calm her from misbehavior.
An adult does better at work, in social settings,
and intimacy of friendship with the magic of a simple touch.
As I fill my days with meaningless tasks,
how I long for a simple touch of kindness.
How does mankind go through life with indifference
when they are truly linked to each other?
We are forever needing the magic of the touch.


6 thoughts on “Magic Of The Touch

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  2. Very true, & beautifully put! I’ve heard of research that suggests that physical human contact is as essential for our mental health as food is to our bodies.

    • I’m sorry I waited a couple days to respond to your comment. I appreciate it. I was inquiring to a few of my Google friends whether or not they felt my poetic work was deep and if most people, male and female, could relate to it. I would like to know your oppinion, because I am considering becoming self-published instead of staying with present publishing company. Hope to get to know you better. Until then, Take Care, Barb

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