Something to Share

Today I wanted to just ask you to think about this;  as we are all part of this universe and experience the human condition: Love
I have loved many, but been truely loved by few.  I don’t consider lack of compassion, indifferance, selfishness, to be love, although most of us have been in that particular situation.
Love is not something to take for granted because you have found your true mate: It only begins there.  Each and every moment, treat it as though you were courting them.  Don’t let day to day life put you in a rut or make you complacent.
Listen more than you speak.  Sometimes the best comunication is be calm and quiet, to allow the other to confide in you.  Never take away a mans dignity or shatter his pride for the sake of being right.  I’ld rather be wrong, than argue to the point of resentment.
We as women, are strange creatures to men: mysterious, emotional, not always rational, but we have that right for just being  women.  lol
Always take the time to laugh together, not at each other, but with each other.   Laughter is medicine for the spirit.
My dear friends,  I wish you a good day, a life full of love and surprizes. Have an awesome day.  Love You All, Barb

2 thoughts on “Something to Share

  1. Barb I agree laughter is the best medicine and love is eternal, our passage into wholeness. Loving unconditionally is a gift we can give to those who need it. Beautiful post as always heartfelt and with soul. Thanks.

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