Each Little Teardrop

little girl is crying

As I lie in my bed, crying every night

I remember something Grandma said

as she held me close

snuggled against her breast.

With fear and sadness overwhelming me

I’d remember what she would say

“Go ahead and cry, little one, I am here.

Grandma loves you, just wait and see

each and every teardrop

has a blessing that’s just for you.”

Now as my life goes by

and all the heartaches begin

like losing my loved ones

and asking myself why

I’m feeling sadness within.

People say, “God says nothing is an accident.

Each person has a season.

Tears are like rains that wash away the pain

and people meet for a specific reason.”

So, my friend, lean on me

for my intentions are true.

Give your worries to the Lord

and don’t be so blue.

Even if you cry a thousand teardrops

each has a blessing that will come back to you.

Dedicated to Grandma Brinlee


3 thoughts on “Each Little Teardrop

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