As I Grieve


I wrote this particular poem right after the tragic death of my prior husband.

As I Grieve

As I grieve through this passing day,
hoping heartbreak will no longer come my way,
those unwise decisions will be made no more.
Never shall I look back at this open door.

It’s been said, when one door shuts
another will open wide.
I’ll walk through that open door,
and with my God I will abide.

Blessings are granted to those who obey,
so maybe this ending will bring a new day.
I thank you Lord, even though I cry;
it is not for me to question why.

Lead me and guide me to where I should go
for without you, the right one I shall not know.
Forgive me for my lack of strength,
Hopefully my weakness will hold no length.

Each night I’ll pray that what’s right I’ll see,
knowing in time that You will bless me.
Let me hold no malice of thought
for all the pain people have brought.


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