If Just For A Moment

Barbara C Rowe Author


If Just for a Moment

When our life is in conflict, we seek a reason to hang on

As children of God, we know not what is the best choice

When trials seem so hard, we can’t see a way for them to be gone

It is then that we kneel, pray, and wait for our Father’s voice

When the nights are long and it’s hard to slumber

The past fades into the distance, and we know today is for the living

Our Father hears all our prayers, no matter what the number

Our dreams are ahead of us, and our spirit-felt love is for the giving

If just for a moment, I understand what it is to live in a state of grace

If just for a moment, my fear subsides, and peace overwhelms me

If just for a moment, miracles reside in this place

If just for a…

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