Finding Your Own Light

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I have always had a knack for touching people in some special way.  Seems some of us are just more in tune with others sense of being.  When I painted Victorian paintings of women and children, I had an unusual look that had not been seen for years.  I didn’t know that because I had been poor and had to make my oil paints go as far and as long as I could, I would be stumbling on a lost art.  I would thin down my paint so thin it was transparent, so each painting had 5 or 6 settings to be a finished piece of art.  My unusual way of creating, my so-called masterpieces, called for me to paint 4 to 6 at a time;  Waiting weeks between sessions.   At the same time I wrote feelings and opinions in poetic verse to vent, and sort my emotions out.

Dream of fortune wasn’t my goal, but to be known for something special, was my desire.  Everyone wishes to be a person of great worth and Lord knows I needed to feel important to someone.  Searching in so many ways to find where I fit in, I couldn’t see what was right  within my reach:  It was self discovery, loving of oneself.  If you never felt truly loved, then as a person, it would be hard to love yourself.  Overlooking abuse, disrespect, I tried so hard to become what I thought people wanted me to be.  How silly that sounds now, but true.

As a child, I would dream of beautiful colors and create adventures of mystery in my mind;  Only to wake up rushing to the pen and paper to write my visions before they were lost.

A vision, promise, seeking the light to shine on me, for others to see, was all I wanted.  There is no magic secret to becoming what you want to be, or to be someone others will love.  It is only in loving of oneself and believing that God has control that we find our way.  So, my friends;  Shine your own light upon yourself and step out, so others can see the beauty we all have.

Thank you for allowing me to share and connect to all of you.  Know that my heart is in everything I do, my intentions are good and I wish only great blessings to come, for us all.

God Bless, Barb


4 thoughts on “Finding Your Own Light

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