Review on “Muffin and the Junior Guardian Angel Posse” Book #1

Kassondra Sandy Sexton Final cover 7-21
Y’all really should read and purchase this sweet lady’s  book and look her up and read more of her books  ..she will make you laugh and sometimes laugh until you cry…Mrs. Barbara C. Rowe is a awesome  friend, writer, and a all around beautiful soul. You will enjoy all of her books ..So go and get a good read..and at the same time you helping out a fellow American fulfill her dreams and downright pleasure and joy of sharing her stories with everyone out there..  so just give her a look over and like I said you will go back for more…..

“Muffin and the Junior Guardian Angel Posse” by Mrs Barbara C Rowe

Muffin is a wee little angel looking for a job to do in Heaven so she doesn’t feel left out. After many let downs, she is given one of the most coveted jobs in Heaven by Jesus himself. Muffin is a champion of children and will be forming the Junior Guarding Angel Posse who will be helping children o…

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