An Apology: To My Readers with Love


I am sorry I haven’t posted in a week, but I have been ill.  My purpose for my blog was not only to promote my books, but I felt I had something important to say.  My book of Poetry “Turbulent Sea of Emotions”  is full of life written in poetic verse.  My purpose is that maybe others could relate to the experiences or had an important message because of them.  My new release of a faith based series children’s book is to instill good morals, compassion, and that each person has something unique and special about them.  “Muffin and the Junior Guardian Angel Posse”  is an inspiration of teaching our children when they are young about God and his love.

My newest release is of non fiction short stories of a city girl trying to adapt to mountain life…Hands on experience and the hysterical situations she finds herself in.  I PROMISE the book will lighten your day and if only temporarily, it will allow you to forget the trials we all face everyday.

All my books have a message, they are not just books I decided to write, but a mission greater than the story itself.

I hope you continue visiting my site and speak well of it and if compelled to do so:  Recommend it to others.  I try to support all my fellow writers, for I wish for their success as well as mine.  It is great to have recognition and profit from our work, but if we have no feelings of support and best wishes to others, then our actions are empty of emotion and adoration, respect and willing to rejoice in a joint purpose:  Which is the art of putting down feelings and share our imagination and dreams with others.  That’s an AWESOMRE accomplishment.

I don’t have a large following because I am new at social networking, but I will get better, but please note, the ones I do have are all special and I’m honored to have them as friends.  Each one of you has something for me to learn, so I pray you will allow me into your world and I will do likewise.

I wish to take this time that without my dear friend and manager Leah Tate, I would of not been able to get my work published and many other penned work to follow.

Friendship is a special gift that is rare to find.  We have acquaintances, but not truly someone who would go to hell and back if you needed them.  I have been blessed with a couple in my life, but not one who, out of love, does so much for me.  I hope each one of you are blessed to experience such a friendship.  I wish you all well and PLEASE don’t give up on me, for I will not disappoint you.  Some pretend to be what they think others expect of them:  I am how I seem and soft spoken, but with a heart behind my words.  Until tomorrow….. God Bless You All, Barb


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