I’ve Got A Feeling

Barbara C Rowe Author


I’ve got a Feeling


Little ones without a home or a bed

Children should be in our care

Not a place to lay their weary heads

God, the burdens they must bear

On the streets, day or night

Corruption is in the crowds

Not ever knowing the people’s plight

Not knowing the ones who cry out loud

Homeless, ragged, hungry, and sad

God, how could we allow things to get so bad?


I’ve got a feeling

Heaven’s angels are crying there

For we have lost our willingness to care

Look at all the ages in despair


I’ve got a feeling

The day of reckoning will come

The wrath of God will apply to some

 People, some young, some old

Will find their place at heaven’s gate

The righteous will be brought into the fold

While the merciless will have to wait


I’ve got a feeling

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