Things I Forgot

Barbara C Rowe Author


Things I Forgot



Regarding the task of living and the obstacles we face

I contemplate the little things I took pleasure in

But no longer do

Yes, the seemingly, unimportant, little things I do or see

That give me a great reward

And allow me to see how small my troubles really are

To forgive, when wrong was done to me

Allows my heart to be the vessel

Where only goodwill and love dwell


I miss those small tasks

I used to do lovingly for my mate

That fell away on the side of indifference

Laughter is no longer a part of my daily living

Reaching out to the people in need

Has no more importance

Selfishness has taken its place


I want to remember all the wonderful things

God has offered to me, freely and lovingly

That I have closed my eyes to


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