A Burning Truth

Richard M. Ankers - Author

Never did I think it would come to this!
The world burned about her as she laughed into the inferno.
Flames flicked across her manic visage sending an ironic chill through my body; it soon burned off.
Her skin had transformed from porcelain to crimson; her hair black to magenta.
But it was her eyes that scared me most.
They had always been the thing I loved most about her, blue like the ocean; now citrine, acidic.
I saw her gesture to a building and it crumpled into the raging fires; wink at a lone tree, which incinerated at her stare.
I was the second to last person on Earth and knew the combined fear of all.
Yet despite my visual preoccupations it was my mother’s words that echoed through my mind.
She’d only taken a moment to judge my latest girlfriend.
“That girl’s the devil incarnate, she’ll be the…

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