Chicken Head’s Adventure (Adult Content)

The Community Storyboard

Submitted by Ranting Papizilla of the Literary Syndicate.

“So tell me baby, what’s your name?” the stranger asked. “Head baby” she said licking her lips seductively, “Chicken Head.” “Wow sugar, that is a damn fine name, damn fine. How’s about you guess what my name is? He asked. “Sure thing big man…” Interrupting Chicken the stranger asks “How did you guess my name so fast Miss Head?” Chicken thinks for a moment, closes her eyes and gives a contented sigh. “That’s your name? Mmmm baby, I sure do hope there isn’t any false advertising with your name.” Big Man says “False advertising? Oh, I get you baby” chuckling he adds “No worries there honey, believe you me.” With a wink and a smile Chicken asks “Take me to your place baby, I gotta see for myself why they call you Big Man.” “Yes ma’am, I do think you need…

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