TONIGHT The Nightmare Factory Book Club feeds you to the werewolves



~post by Steven W

Good evening, weary travelers. Come in from the rain and fortify yourself with a warm beverage, why don’t you? Bring us news of the outside world as we rummage through this old curiosity shop that we call home. Perhaps one of our old, forgotten trinkets may be of some assistance to you on your journeys, friend.

Have you any use of a “Mogwai”? No, no, of course not. They are dreadful creatures indeed with pretentious dietary restrictions. How about a “Lemarchand’s Box”? We can show you the “Lament Configuration”. Not your cup of tea? We understand. Hell dimensions can be so tiring with their desperate neediness. Surely what you need is a ventriloquist’s dummy with something on its mind. No? A haunted camera? A conch shell that sings with a mermaid’s voice? A murderer’s jacket? A tincture of laudanum? Aha! We should have guessed it with…

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