A Thought For The Day: Keep the Romance Alive

Barbara C Rowe Author

Happy marriage concept. Portrait of a beautiful kissing couple o

Sometimes I wonder why couples don’t stay together, when it should be…Why  “Should They?”  We fall in love, marry, have children, see them marry, then they have children and the cycle repeats again.

I have had failed marriages for different reasons, but only through failures, did I learn what was missing.  We get comfortable, keeping in a daily routine and becoming complacent.  Women look at love and sex different than men, but the basics are the same.  First we put all our energy on our children, forgetting that our spouse, according to God, comes before all others.  Then there are the pressures of finances and work.  Women usually become discontent first, but let it out by complaining or; what men refer to as nagging.  Please, ladies, I am guilty, as well.  We then quit trying to be that beautiful, well kept lady our husbands fell in love with, thinking they wont even notice: …

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