Between Shadows


Between Shadows


I am thrilled to  be able to pass along some information

 regarding Stefan’s recently published Book, Between Shadows. 

 It is available for a limited time at a discounted rate, andthis beautiful bookYou can book in the next 48 hours only! Get 30% OFF by using this promo code: 48HOURS »
buy here

It is a wonderful book, written in free verse,  it is filled with nostalgia and historical references that intrigue and delight, and sometimes bring tears of sadness or joy.  Of course there is an abundance of delightful romantic articles that thrill and touch the heart.  His brilliant and joyful philosophy on life and love shines through in this lovely  work of art.  A wonderful escape into a world of enchanting fiction  (but so true to  life I feel  there is a background based on “reality”) and delight. My plan is to get my order in right away, I highly recommend that you do likewise, you will not be…

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