Mini-Reviews: Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Passion, Hell Baby

The Password is Swordfish

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (available now on VOD):

David Lowery’s Ain’t Them Bodies Saints has almost everything going for it. It boasts a stylish look, shot by the talented Bradford Young, which makes the film look and feel like an Old West photo. Its supporting cast is terrific, from Charles Baker (Skinny Pete from TV’s Breaking Bad) and Keith Carradine to Ben Foster, a great young actor better here than ever. It also has one of the best scores we’re likely to here this year, a driving rhythm replete with frequent hand claps; more composers should utilize the art of hand clapping. Why then was I left cold at film’s end? The film’s main characters, played by Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara, are unfortunately not terribly engaging, which sweeps the leg on this film’s potential. As the robber who escapes jail to re-unite with his wife, Affleck never achieves that…

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