A Woodland Bride with a Guest


Part of the reason for going to Trentham on Sunday was to see my friend Yvette.  She doesn’t live there, but her father does and she often goes there for the weekend.  Her father is hoping to set up a studio for her so she has somewhere to paint.  How wonderful it will be for her to have a studio in Trentham, it is a beautiful part of Victoria, much as I imagine Daylesford was before it became so popular, which really ruined it.

Yvette is also a great muse and loves to let me take her photo.  She doesn’t mind the silly set ups I get her to do and just goes with it.  She has a couple of things that bother her, but we are working on those.

LeanneCole-yvette-20130922-5620I put this image up on Facebook on Sunday night.  This is something I want to do more of, the…

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