Finding Your Own Light

Sometimes we find it hard to see our own wonderful qualities, but with faith, we can find our own light. God Bless

Barbara C Rowe Author

bigstock-Blue-Light-30795605 beautiful woman

I have always had a knack for touching people in some special way.  Seems some of us are just more in tune with others sense of being.  When I painted Victorian paintings of women and children, I had an unusual look that had not been seen for years.  I didn’t know that because I had been poor and had to make my oil paints go as far and as long as I could, I would be stumbling on a lost art.  I would thin down my paint so thin it was transparent, so each painting had 5 or 6 settings to be a finished piece of art.  My unusual way of creating, my so-called masterpieces, called for me to paint 4 to 6 at a time;  Waiting weeks between sessions.   At the same time I wrote feelings and opinions in poetic verse to vent, and sort my emotions out.

Dream of fortune wasn’t…

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