My Soul’s Fire


My Soul's Fire--Lauri Blank

Dark though the night may Be,
Ever whispering around me,
I feel You here, though You are far,
Though I little know where You are.
You are Close, inside my heart,
Inside my Thoughts, Though we are apart.
You are Near in Spirit, which knows You well;
You are Magic, spun round me like a Living Spell.
You are Radiance like the Rising sun,
Warming me before Love has Truly Begun.
You are Pleasure, this Deep, Blissful Sigh;
The Other Half, silently Asking Why.
Why we are So Far instead of Near,
But, Soft, My Love, Have little Fear.
For as the Night turns Ever to Day,
Love Will Guide Us to the Moment we Say:
I Remember You, Love,
My Only Desire,
My Joy, My Passion,
My Soul’s Living Fire.

Breathtaking Original Artwork by: Lauri Blank

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