“Whispers From Heaven”

Barbara C Rowe Author

Young pregnant woman

Some years ago I lost a child; a little girl, not born yet.  Through my sorrow, I wrote this as a tribute to my child.  It was a comfort and was later written in a card to another who had lost a child.

Sometimes, in our grief, we find peace that God has a plan, even in our darkest hours.

Whispers from Heaven

Angels sing in harmony

Softly in the sky

Preparing for an arrival of

One so special in our Father’s eye

They prepare a cradle and a pillow

Soft as the clouds

They spin a beautiful blanket of angel hair

Of their work, they are so proud

There is a golden ring

Hanging to one side

Molded of pure gold

For one so sweet could not be denied

Below there is a mother

Rocking in her chair

Singing to her child

She is soon to bare

At her…

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