“Darkness of Regret” Can we stop this?




Darkness of Regret

Each morning I wake to the light of day

Wishing I had the excitement I used to have

With no real meaningful events

Then the darkness comes


Wishing for the high to evade the inevitable

I am wandering, wandering, so lost

Through a darkness of regret


Wanting more, more

Never enough to change the outcome

The sickness of my addiction takes hold

Giving me a temporary time of ecstasy

Fading, fading

More, more

When will this yearning for something, not real, end?

Trying to find something to make life grand and happy

Every moment, every second



The needle is the answer that I reach for

Promising all that is good


There is never enough

Wanting more



The bitter taste engulfs me

The numbness erases all the trials I face

The blurriness of my vision

Keeps me from seeing that which haunts me

I look for that darkness



To shadow what I fear

But then it fades

My troubles, again, overcome me

My numbness and joy fade into

The darkness of regret

 depositphotos drug user


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