Are Chemistry and Compatibility mutually exclusive, or can they Co-exist?

Daily (w)rite

Mina Lobo has been an awesome blog friend, I’m excited to have her guest post for me today! Romance is not my genre, but I read it every once in a while to punctuate my regular fare. Since this book is by an author-friend, it’s already on my TBR kitty. Take it away, Mina!

The Teaser:

“Hmmm, you’re getting possessive now,” Hecate said. “Hades must be thrilled.”

“I expect I have thrilled him, yes.”

“And has his magnificence aided you in reaching a verdict?”

At the reminder of her need to choose, Persephone lost her good humor. “Sadly, no. That is to say, I am happy to find we are compatible in that way.” She ignored the other’s snicker. “And I am developing an understanding of his character. He has both good and bad qualities, as do we all—”

“Speak for yourself.”

“—and I feel that, where our…

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