Progress report: the summit is in sight

Justine Graykin

I have just finished printing out Sui Generis (working title) to be submitted to Quirk Books in time for the Oct. 1st deadline. I’m cheating a little, because I started out the summer rewriting Discorporate with an eye towards submitting it to Quirk, but the characters and the plot just keep getting deeper, and I knew I couldn’t finish it before Oct. 1st and do justice to it. So I dusted off a manuscript that was all edited and ready to be published by Trap Door Books a few years ago right before the economy scuttled them. Of course, I had to scan it once more before sending it. My eyes are aching and refuse to focus I’ve been staring at the screen so much.

Yeah, so here I am, staring at a screen again. I’m telling you, this writing thing is a disease.

I have finished proofing and am…

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