Reading For Fun Might Be Good For You!

Dysfunctional Literacy

This may be a “Duh!” moment.  Researchers claim that kids who read for fun at an early age read a lot more as adults and have better math skills than adults who didn’t read as much as kids (more here).  In other words, reading just for enjoyment might be good for you.

I say “might” because I don’t trust studies.  Researchers can make/support any claim they want, so I don’t automatically believe something just because a study says it’s true.  For a study, this one has a significant sample size.  And it was conducted over a long period of time.  These are good signs.  But I still don’t automatically believe it.  I want to believe it, though. 

The study claims that kids who read for fun read more as adults. That makes sense.  Of course, kids who hate reading will be more unlikely to read.  Nobody wants to do…

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