“Will There Be Time For Me?” The words I write go unread!

Love letter

Will There Be Time for Me?

Will there be time for me?

There is so much I wish to do and to see

I have places to go and people to meet

How could this much time go by

Without finding my place in the world?

Was I born to just experience pain, Lord?

Is there a reason for my heart breaking?

I have done more good than bad

And my works have been from the heart

Surely someone saw my deeds

I look up into the heavens and count the stars

And wonder which one shines for me

I smell the flowers and wish each day smelt so sweet

The winter of my years is approaching

But I have so much to do

Where is the hope You promised?

Where is the heart so abundant with love for me?

Where is the man of my dreams?

Surely I am not meant to be alone, surely not!

In my heart there is an endless stream of love to give, to share

Please do not let it all go to waste.

Music plays as I dream of faraway places

It touches my very soul

Faces of children, so innocent and pure

Linger in my thoughts

Will I paint them no more?

The words I write go unread

But I have so much to say

Do you wish me to be silent?

If there was only a sign to give me hope

To let me know I am never alone

Are You watching over me from above?

Will you send an angel to be with me?

Gentle wind, blow my whispers to an open ear

Whisk it away for someone to hear

Let me fly to those places, if only in my dreams

Give me one more chance to reach my dream

One soul to kindle, one mouth to kiss, one hand to hold

I wish to have the rest of my lifetime to smile

To live with joy, to give all I was born to give

Will there be time for me?

Please let there be time for me

If riches were measured from the heart

I would be the luckiest woman to live a life

If money were no issue

I would make certain no heart was left unfulfilled

Will there be enough time?

I am a prisoner in this time and place

Can you help me, Lord?

No other feels my pain, nor sees my beauty within

Treasures are often covered with soil

But with care the shine comes to show itself

Like a diamond in the rough,

The gem’s value is undetermined until you look inside

A gem is only precious to the one who longs to possess it

Am I a stone of no value?

Or a gem that has not been discovered?

Is there any time for me?

I am falling, falling

Someone catch me soon

Before there is no time

I am hoping, calling, reaching out

Is there no one there?

Please have pity on this woman

Who once was called a lady of grace

But am no more


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