Innocence Of A Child’s Prayer

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Innocence of a Child’s Prayer

There is a small boy

Who knelt down by his bed to pray one night.

This is what he said:

Dear Jesus,

I know you are used to hearing grownup’s prayers.

I am little, but could you, maybe, hear my prayers tonight?

My grandpa is sick and has something I can’t say,

And he doesn’t feel like playing with me anymore.

I never had a daddy,

And Mama said he did not want me.

Jesus, why would he not want me?

I don’t think I did anything wrong.

My mama works at night at the diner

While I stay home by myself.

I am scared, so I make a tent in my room to hide.

I have a flashlight, too.

I wonder why other kids in school make fun of me.

Billy said I was a welfare kid.

I sure don’t wanna catch nothing to make me sick,

Like that welfare stuff.

Last Sunday, a church bus came and picked me up

To go to Sunday school.

I didn’t have nothing special to wear, but it was fun.

They told me all about you.

They said you listen to everybody’s prayers, big or little.

They also said, you have a big house

And the ones who believe and love you can live there.

Are there angels there, and no bullies?

Maybe I might even get to live with you and have plenty to eat.

Do you have ice cream there?

Jesus, if you are listening, can I come live with you?

My mama will not have to work so hard,

And Grandpa said he is coming to live with you real soon.

I guess I said all I wanted to say.

But please, think about it, OK?

Oh, gosh, I forgot to say, “Amen.”

So precious is a child’s prayer, so innocent and true.

With the same heart, we should humble ourselves when we pray

As God’s children.

“So Lord, as a grownup, but a child at heart,

Can I come live with you, too?”


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