Best Of Friends “Dedicated to Leah Tate”



Best of Friends

She knows when I am sad
and never shows when she is upset with me
She always brings on laughter
even when there is a disaster
When things seem to be the hardest
there is a peace in her, that everything will be OK
Her faith is undeniable and strong
When I have no home
she takes me into her family
to make me a part of it
I have never had someone willing to help me
so she has no idea how much she means to me
People pretend to be there for you
but when life gets hard, they are not around
nor can anyone be found
I have not made many right decisions in my life
but she shares alot of the same familiar past
She is like a sister, but my best freind
I know that God will bless her
KIndness, loyalty, and strength
difficult to find in a woman
but she has it
Life has not hardened her heart
but made her wiser
I am like a baby in exsperiences
yet she is pateint with me
What makes two women so close
Is it divine intervention, or chance
God makes no mistakes
Tell me how I show her
how well I know her
and how I can repay her for what she does for me
A woman with devotion to her family
so I guess that makes me family too
It is hard for me to comprehend
Even if all things were right in my life
I would feel the same
She is my sister, not by blood, but by choice
She has become the best of best freinds
Never doubt, I will be there for her
nor allow anyone to hurt her
for she is my family


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