Book review: The Moon Dwellers

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The Moon DwellersI am not a huge fan of Young Adult fiction as I have professed multiple times on this blog (You can read them HERE and HERE) because the plots can get rather cheesy, run-of-the-mill and at times repetitive. But alas, I have a weak spot for most stories set in dystopian worlds even if it is a YA literature, something I personally blame George Orwell for creating this perfect story (read: Nineteen Eighty-Four) set in a totalitarian state.

There is admittedly no shortage of YA dystopian novels in the market but “The Moon Dwellers,” first book from The Dwellers Saga, is a hidden gem in this vast market self-published by author David Estes. Before you write it off, I am willing to testify that the storyline is as good as those released by publishing houses, sporting polished writing and an original plot that will suck you into…

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