“Thank You”


I’d like to take this time to thank all the people who have made so gracious comments on my posts or become a new follower.  I am new at social networking, but I have met such beautiful people and I appreciate the input and the friendships I have made.

As do all of us who are writers, artists and other, we strive to be successful as well as sharing emotions, or ideas.  All my posts are very personal, as are my books.  I hope…no, I pray, that you will be compelled to seek my work further through my books.

I gave up being a professional artist, when I was at my peek of success, because of a traumatic experience.  I have shared this with you through the post, “She Survived, it all”.  We grow and learn through our life experiences and through God, it may give us a chance to help someone with a similar situation.

I am strong because of all these things, so I wish all of you well, good health, success and most of all….Peace and Love.

God Bless with a loving heart,



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