“Wild Spirit”

Barbara C Rowe Author


Wild Spirit

As the stallions that run the open range

This free spirit goes through life with the same vigorous drive

One not of the ordinary mold

He chooses wisely, acts with integrity, stands with honor

As his mother’s child

He nurtures the one who gave him life

As a father,

He shows unconditional love and has a protective nature

Wild spirit, run free, stand tall, be one with the elements of life

He’s graceful as the deer, his sight is keen as the hawk’s

He hunts like a wolf and is strong as a bear

Near a fire and alone in his thoughts

He’s one with nature

A man is not a man by his deeds or his size

But by honor and responsibility, protecting what is his

And by the goodness of his heart

He exhibits great passion for life and love

Wild spirit, run free, stand tall…

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