“A Real Love Story”

Ed and Toby


I thought I would share something with you, for the people out there who are skeptical that a true soul-mate exists.  I have loved several men in my life and all still have that special place in my heart.  If you truly love, I believe you forgive all the bad things and remember why you were with them in the first place.  After being single for several years and going through the nightmare of dating MR. Wrong.  No offence to my male readers and followers out there.  I finally quit looking and decided I was going to try to make someone’s day and (fake it, until I made it).  You’ve heard the saying.  I got all dressed up in my usual dress and high heels.  I do love my high heels!  First stop was the convenient store to gas up my car.  I was a local and went to the same place to get my gas.

Now, this you don’t know about me.  I am friendly, but careful with men because of my past experiences.  I usually went for the preppy look, with a few exceptions, like my deceased husband, a fiance’, but as a rule, the clean cut was my preference.  I’m standing in a long line, some people knowing who I am, feeling extremely depressed.  I see this man in the line 2 behind me.  Thought????  He is attractive.  Not my type, but gorgeous in a Steven Segal sort of way.

OK, remember my plan to fake it?  I thought, this man belongs to someone, is married, or something, but definitely, taken.  I turn around and ask him if (Pan) was his actual name.  He responds with  a smile and says it was a nickname.  I turn around, thinking, (How could I be so forward?).  Then I turn around the second time and asked him if he was taken or spoken for.  Can you believe THAT?  Lord have mercy, I was loosing it!  He replies he is very unattached.  I swung around realizing the whole store was pretty darn quiet because they were watching us.

After realizing how foolish I was being I turned around again, with the intention of restoring some pride and composure by telling him I didn’t usually do things like this and all about my moto for the day about ( make someone elses day.)  Before I could trun around, he asked, “Do you want my number?”.  Not, can I have yours, as you usually would hear.  I am so rattled I told the person at the counter I would be at pump 6 and ran like the dickens outside to get my gas and go back home, lock myself in, until I regained my sanity.  Forget that crazy idea I had.  As I was pumping my gas, there he was.  Now what?  We exchange numbers.  I begin drilling him and telling him ALL the things I will not put up with and asking him if he does this and that.  A total moron!  Do you think?

To make sure I made a total, complete spectical out of myself, I said,”  I love your long hair.”  He smiled.  No answer!  So I said, ” I love your beard and mustache, and I love your hairy chest.”  That was totally over the top.  He said, “Well, I’m glad you like it.”  Then one final question, “Can you take off your shades, so I can see your eyes?”  He had me at that point.  A Biker.  A darn biker.  I never went for bikers.

That night he arrived at my apt. after a phone call and recited what Romeo said to Juliet when she was on the balcony in the play.  My balcony was on the top, so my neighbors saw and heard everything.  That was the only man they had ever seen go into my apartment, except my sons.

Unbeknown to me, until my engagement, 3 months later, that the woman had bet the men I would marry the man who they had seen that night.  $50.00 was the wager.  The men said, “Not Miss Barb, she’s too prim and proper!”  They paid up.

I have been married over 7 years to that man, who I should of married the first time around.  Total opposites, but a true balance.  Ladies, God picks your mates far better than you could ever.  We have this preconceived notion of what we want, but maybe not we need.  Have Faith, there are still a lot of good men out there.  Just STOP looking.

Now you can’t print this for it is the short version of one of my romance novels, so it is copyrighted.

copyright: Barbara C. Rowe 2012

Take Care and I love You all.  Barb



Take Care and I love You all.  Barb


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