“Help from an Angel”

child girl playing doctor with toy

Help from an Angel

There was a woman lying in the hospital alone

There was a child there too, sick and on her own

Somehow life had not been so kind to either one

So in this place is where the miracle had begun

The woman was a sweet and soft-spoken thing

Uncertain what problems her illness would bring

The child was a little girl, about four, I believe

The life of this little one was hard to conceive

Regardless of why they both needed a friend

God had a plan for them to get well

Soon there would be an angel descend

For each to have hope, the outcome would tell

Doctors and nurses were kind and concerned

The woman, a widow for just a short time

Their circumstances, no one had yet learned

But the child was a victim of an abusive crime

One morning the woman was getting some sun

An angel whom God had sent down was there

There in the corner was the sweet little one

And the angel was assigned for the child’s welfare

Each event in life has a purpose and coincides with another

How the two of them would get together was unsure

But the child was abandoned and needed a mother

And the woman did not know yet, her illness had a cure

One night when all was still, the woman prayed

There stood the angel who was assigned to the girl

The woman’s prayer was answered with no delay

And soon the hospital staff was all in a whirl

They were distantly related and needed each other

The angel was there to unite the two

The woman needed this child and the child needed a mother

Still, it was hard to imagine these events coming true

Heaven’s angels were dancing with glee

For now God had created a new family


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