Something to say; My Dear Friends and Followers


I wish to apologize for the long delay on responding to your likes.  For some time I was ill and am now getting back to work.  I am gravely behind on my promoting my 3 new books , which have come out these past 3 months and it has hindered my followings and interests in my work.  I do not, for any reason wish to appear ungrateful for your support.  My personal friend and manager is working very hard to help get things in place, because of my lack of knowledge of social networking.  If you feel touched by my work, I would greatly appreciate the spreading of my sites.

I was told it was unacceptable to ask for help, but I am not so proud as to believe that an honest request will get an honest reply.  It has been a touching experience to meet all of you and I hope to meet many more.

Another thing I wished to address;  It was not my post, so I don’t take credit for this, and apologize that I can’t quite place who posted it.  We all are so busy that when we read one of our fellow authors post, we find it time consuming to make a short comment, or just great job, or I love it.  But, by all means:  Be sincere!  It is those precious few words that sometimes tugs at our heartstrings and lifts us up when we are down, or discouraged.  I have been guilty of this, but realized they had a good point.  When another author is promoting their book or announcing its release:  Help them.  We are not competing, but are kindred spirits , with each of us having something to share.  If we do not support each other, then how do we expect others to do so.

Someone long ago said to me,” If it is from the heart and is worth your time to write it:  Then it is DEFINATELY worth reading.”

God Bless and have a great day, Barb





3 thoughts on “Something to say; My Dear Friends and Followers

  1. [ Smiles ] I wish you all the best on the promotion of your three books and I genuinely hope that your health improves!

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