Sea Of Emotions

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Sea Of Emotions

When the waves of turmoil come crashing on the shore,
Can you hold on to your emotional grip?
It’s like the sea, full of turbulent waters and more,
Or, will your power to control begin to slip?
As the winds brew up a fierce whirlwind,
How can I cope with what I can’t fix?
The shoreline are ever changing in its line,
Like the sea full of emotions.
This should be a warning or a sign,
Of what the heart can do to cause such commotion.
How can one allow another to get through?
To ache with yearning deep in your heart,
When up to now, it’s been only you.
We expect coos right from the start.
As certain as the sun rises and sets,
And comes the calmness of the sea,
Will you ever regret the day we met?
Will you, one day, come back to me?
Our souls are like the sea of emotions,
Which cause such commotion.
With matters of love and devotion,
Our hearts are lost in the sea of emotions


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