“A Road To Somewhere”

rural roads

A Road to Somewhere

Each road is supposed to take us to a desired destination,

preferably a place we have chosen with care and thought.

My travels have been at random and with hesitation,

never knowing if I was running to or coming from something, or not.

To face your future, you must first deal with your past,

leaving behind the pain and reaching for something good.

Hoping for someplace or someone that would last,

and yearning to feel important, I never could.

My road did not have signs to tell how far I had been.

It was one few traveled, so no directions were given.

Was I running away, or rushing for my peace to finally begin?

Whatever the reason, it was an obsession, hard driven.

At over 50 years, I am again on a road, afraid and alone.

My parents as such, gave me no roots to call home.

The children are gone and all on their own,

so here I go on this endless road to roam.

God knows, an easy life I have not had.

Some good times were shared along the way.

Still my heart is weary for something,

but mostly sad.


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