“Christmas Wish”

Christmas Time

Christmas Wish

This time of year is so precious to us all

With love for the season, from young to old

Christmas music of “Deck the Halls”

Trees trimmed with silver and gold

People forgetting what this celebration brings

Presents to wrap and food to bake

Watching our little ones as they sing

Santa Clause coming before the children awake

Who says the prayers for those who are in need?

Does anyone hear their cry?

Is there any compassion to do a good deed?

Lord, many have grown cold, and I don’t understand why

There is a family with hardships right down the way

A child doing without, so they no longer dream

A woman grown old, in her bed she lay

All but forgotten, it may seem

I wish with all my heart

That love and kindness will continue through the year

Thinking of others first is a good start

There is always someone in need who dwells near

Blessings come to those who live unselfishly

Acting with love for their fellow man

Embracing the opportunity to help, gladly

Living their lives according to God’s plan

So many times I have failed to give thanks for all I had

Forgetting the wonderful things You do

Knowing You were always with me when times were bad

Lord, I lift up my hands in praise to You

On the eve of Your birthday

When all around is still in the night

Then is the time I think of others as I pray

Asking that lives come out of darkness and into the light

I look into the sky tonight

Dreaming of peace and good cheer

Knowing You are close at hand

Knowing Your wish will be ever so clear

That the true spirit of Christmas be spread through the land


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