Cherishing What You Have “Blessings To Come”

Barbara C Rowe Author


We, so often wonder, “Is this it?”, instead of saying thanks for what we have at this moment.  Then, maybe, for some God awful reason, we loose what we have.  Then all of a sudden, we realize we had it All, from the start.  Grasp each moment, embrace your loved ones and ,PLEASE, don’t hold on to anger.  It wastes so much time.  I love you all.  Have an awesome day.  Barb

Blessings to Come

I prayed each night for the same thing,

believing our gracious Father would surely bring.

Every day I would thank Him for what I had received

for in His grace, love, and mercy, I believed.

Tears would fall down my face with emotion,

showing my love in steadfast devotion.

I had been told I was saying my prayers all wrong,

but the Lord had granted my prayers all along.

I couldn’t quite understand what she…

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