She Only Has One Day Left! We Need YOU!

Please read this and if you can, please help this AWESOME lady. She does so much for people on Facebook and in general. She has one more day to find a place to live. I ask you to help someone in the spirit of the HEART of giving and love. Thanks and God Bless, Barb

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I have a dear friend, Vicki Rose Stewart who works tirelessly with authors running event parties on Facebook as well as doing editing and promotions for them. She is truly a warrior. She has beaten cancer and is embroiled in a bitter legal battle over her young daughter Sophie as her ex husband’s family has more money than God and took her away while Vicki was sick with lymphoma. I’m happy to report that even though she wanted to die while fighting cancer because they took her daughter, she KICKED cancer’s ass and is in remission! She is also fighting, with the help of the MN State Attorney General’s office to get her back! She needs a home to come back to.

This is where you come in. I am donating $250.00 of my very limited income to Vicki and her kids as she has found a place to live and…

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