MUST-READS: Beautiful Lego Will Make You Want To Become A Plastic Architect…


beautifullego_cover2_webThe cover alone of Mike Doyle’s Beautiful Lego is a showstopper, but inside this 280-page $29.99 paperback are some of the most incredible examples of LEGO art you’ll ever seen in such a wide range of categories and styles that it’s impossible to NOT be rendered utterly speechless every few pages. Doyle’s own work is spectacular and rages from that stunning cover image to gorgeously ruined half-destroyed homes constructed in black, white and gray LEGO pieces.

Many other supremely talented artists contribute work as well ranging from realistic looking buildings and vehicles, cute animal builds, plenty of surprising characters from comics and movies, sci-fi spaceships, robots and mecha and other creations ranging from mosaics to surreal “Meta” works. And if you happen to be a Monty Python fan, there are a few very humorous recreations of skits that will have you grinning before you read the captions. The question “Why…

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