“Through Her Eyes”

Barbara C Rowe Author

Sculpture of Jesus Christ.

Through Her Eyes

She passes way behind her house

to avoid the bullies and the stares.

The world makes no sense to her,

and no one seems to care.

As a little girl of five,

what would she know of plight?

Hiding behind her bed

from the yelling of the fight.

Darkness is her friend

as she slumbers in her bed.

Visions of her life

won’t stop circling in her head.

Then it happens through her eyes.

He welcomes her inside,

a smile on His face,

and His arms open wide.

She’s found home in this place,

and asks Him His name.

She looks up to see His face.

He replies,

“I’m your Father, His Holy grace.”

She saw Jesus through her eyes.

A mother of three who toils every day,

and doesn’t expect fairy tales to come true.

She fears for her children ‘cause she’s all alone.

Where’s their…

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