Excerpt from “You Must Be From The City!” ……….Brandied Peaches

Country Cottage Kitchenyoumustbe8.5x11front

                                                                                                          Brandied Peaches

Everyone grows gardens, hunts, and goes fishing.  The fruit trees and berries were plentiful.  A lot of the berries were wild, such as blackberries and strawberries. There were Farms of Blueberris, where you could pick your own, by the gallon buckets.   My son ate more than he put in the bucket. Peaches, I think came from a little lower altitude, but available.  Every year I would try to can vegetables from my garden, and purchase what I did not grow.  It was such a satisfying thing, to watch things grow, and then harvest them.  I believe my wardrobe was a little unusual for the locals, but that was what I had.  In the summer it was cut off jogging pants, and in the winter, long jogging pants.  My husband hated for me to wear them.  Hey, when you come from the city, and do not have the right wardrobe, it was the cheapest way to go.  My youngest son was about 7 when we moved to the mountains, but small for his age.  For some reason, he was confined to the house on the day I decided to try canning some peaches.  The amount of peaches purchased was way too much and that is a gross understatement.  What did I know.  Because of the large amount, they were ripening fast.  My son was willing to help, and Lord knows I needed all the help I could get.  Every other peach probably had a bite or two out of it.  The neighbor had given me a recipe for pickled peaches.  I love them.  I made the recipe, almost, as directed.  The key word is ALMOST. I am still not certain how I arrived in the deviation of the instructions, but they turned into some pretty potent brandied peaches.  As I continued to cook and fill the jars, I noticed my son seemed to be behaving a little silly, which was not his nature.  After a short while, he became a little unstable on his feet.  Now remember, I said he was very young at that time.  For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with this child of mine.  After watching him for a few minutes, I came to discover the hilarious truth.  He was drunker than a skunk.  He had been taking sips of the juice for some time and me, being so busy, I did not notice.  It was so funny, although I was not in the habit of letting my son be under the influence.  From then on, I kept track of how many jars of peaches I had, just in case he decided to take another taste test, I believe, he snuck a few jars, but I am not certain.  To this day, I cannot tell you how to make brandied peaches.  Lesson, follow the directions in the recipe, exactly.



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