“One of a Kind”

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I wanted to share something with my friends.  Everyone should have someone special in their lives, but some don’t.  My husband and I just celebrated our 5th Anniversary and it was as magical as the first one.  That sounds a bit mushy, but true.  After years of seeking to be accepted by my mates, friends and family….I found that you must first accept and forgive yourself and then the rest doesn’t matter. 

Through my writings, the ones I have posted on this site, I have shared through my poetry…my life and all it entails, good and bad and all the stuff in-between.  We reach out to people for so many different reasons, most are for ourselves.  The whole thing about marriage is about the other person (so my best friend and manager put it).  It is about all those little things you do for each other.  The things that go on day to day, might go un-noticed, or so we think.  When to our surprise our partner has always appreciated them, but hadn’t the ability to express themselves fully.

Our celebration started with a bouquet of the most beautiful, but un-usual colored of roses, and a note…….”Thank you for loving me”.

I asked him why would he have to thank me for loving you, when it comes so easily.  His reply was…..”I am not always good with words”.

The evening was simple but a replay of our first with more appreciation, followed by a day of shopping and going out to dinner and then returning home to get all decked out to go dancing.  When we were dating we went dancing every weekend…without fail.  Most of the usual’s in the big Casino where we went knew us by our dancing abilities and the women gazed at this man who always sang to his sweetheart as they danced.  It was this same place, on stage with a band, that he proposed with over 200 people listening…spellbound to his words……….which were, “Sugar bear, Do you think you kinda sorta want to marry me?”.  lol  What a proposal!  Better yet, I couldn’t say a word over the tears, so he knelt over the mic and said loudly, “WELL?”.  All I could do was to weep and shake my head yes, where then all in the place clapped and yelled in honor of this wonderful moment.

Now, this year, this man of mine took me dancing and sang to me and asked that question all over again.  My heart and my home is full of joy, love and a lot of laughter.  I just wanted to share my heart and this wonderful man, whom I am proud to say, he is all mine.

God Bless and Have a Nice Day.

The Dance

As they held each other

Dancing to the music with such style

In a trance with one another

The crowd had not seen such a pair in awhile

Gliding across the floor, hand in hand

Every moment their eyes did meet

With enchanting music from the band

While the ones watching stayed in their seats

One look at each other is all it took

For them to wish to be side by side

Like a fairy tale in some book

Chemistry was too much to hide

Who would have guessed what happened that day

In quite a very unusual place

Not by chance, love had come their way

Commitment came at a rapid pace

The future is not clear on what to tell

Hopes will be high, never low

Maybe even sounds of a wedding bell

What a blessing God did bestow



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