Please! Please! Fellow Authors & Friends “Needs Attention”


Please read this and THINK about it!



I have addressed this once before and no one commented on it. I am guilty in a small part, as we all are. We as Authors and Writers of all kinds want to be heard or have something to share, an idea, story, dream or just part of who we are. The whole point of writing, other than for our own satisfaction, is to have others read and enjoy or get something important out of our words.

We put up posts on our site, we take the time to think it through, thinking or hoping others will find its value….What do most of us do? We hit the like button….maybe read the article or maybe we just support the blogger/writer. Do we take the time to go and read it? Most of the time…..NOT!

I am not criticizing any of you, but if we wish our posts to be read, then we have to take the time to read others as well. You might discover someone really great that you have been passing by, because you’ve not heard of them before. I don’t brag that I an abundance of followers…I wish I did, but more important, the ones I have…..I want to really know me. I am proud and grateful for them. I may or may not become successful. I pray and hope I do, but so do all of us.

It is more important to really touch a few, than get a lot of clicks on the like button, not knowing if they even read your post. How satisfying is that? Not knowing?
We ALL are kindred spirits who have been blessed with a special gift and most of us have a big, loving, unselfish heart. We support our fellow Authors, bloggers and favorite people….whatever their specialty is, but there is that fraction who just post for their own benefit, ignoring the effort of others. I don’t wish to be in that category.

I am ill much of the time, so I don’t post or follow as I should, but from now on, I will take the time to read ALL of a post I click on and respond with a word or comment, just to let them know , they touched me in some way. What good is it to take the time to write a post if the majority of us are not being truly read or our ideas heard? I, for one would rather have less clicks on the like button, with the knowledge that the ones who did, read what I wrote.

I pray I have not offended anyone, but someone needed to address this issue. If our friends and followers wont take the time, then how on earth do we expect readers to want to buy our books?
Please forgive my bluntness and lack of finesse, but I hope we all will think about a new way of supporting each other. I am grateful to all of you and wish you great blessings, so don’t be too upset with me for addressing a serious issue.

God Bless, Barb


31 thoughts on “Please! Please! Fellow Authors & Friends “Needs Attention”

  1. It is certainly true that in the rush of on-line life, it is easier to Like than to read. I feel blessed to be able to read quickly, but it still takes time to stop, reflect and respond. In some ways, we (authors/bloggers) start feeling like small, needy children looking for some response, even a negative response to be sure we are not simply whispering into the wind.

    So, at the very least, be certain that you were heard today. It may not make a huge difference, but all we really need is a little difference a lot of times. Persevere!

    • Thank you Ben for sharing and there were some things I did not take into account, which another fellow author brought to my attention. I apologize if I did not give allowances to that as well, but my heart was in the right place. God Bless and thank you, Barb

  2. I understand what you’re saying Barbara and as a blogger, I too hope people actually read what I’ve posted.

    The main problem that people have today is the sheer scale and variety of distractions that demand their attention and eat away the time they used to have for luxuries like – reading slowly and carefully.

    Another problem people have – yes, even author’s – is they don’t really know what to say regarding comments about articles.

    I have to confess that I too am guilty of rapidly reading an article and pressing LIKE, without leaving a comment, as an indication that – Yes, I had read it – then moving on to the next post that catches my eye, for both the above reasons. However, in this case, I did read the article carefully and knew what I wanted to say in response.


    • Thank you for putting the other side to the proper perspective. I too find it time consuming to do much and it does take away from our being able to do what we do best….Writing. So allow me to thank you for your response and giving me insight to the other side of the coin…so to speak. I love all whom I correspond with and wish them all success, as do most all of us feel the same. I should of been a bit more precise in my comment, but my heart was truly in the right place. And …yes, it does take a lot of time to do what I suggest and we have so little to go around.

      Thank you and God Bless, Barb
      P.S. I hope I did not offend anyone, for that was not my purpose and it would worry me if I had done so.

      • I’d be surprised if anyone were to be offended by your article Barbara, you only stated what we all think sometimes 🙂

        BTW, I’d like an article from you about yourself, books, poetry and artwork, so I can have you as a Guest Author on my blog.

        Your creative range interests me and I know will interest many others as well.

        Go to my Contact Me section to get details 🙂

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  4. I so agree with you on this one Barb – I feel exactly the same way and that’s why I often end up thinking to myself – shall I bother writing a long, well thought out post today or can I really stand the thought that nobody will bother to read it, so what’s the point? I spend a lot of my time reading and commenting on other people’s blogs – not all will return the favour. It’s the same support with books. I’m always buying authors’ work from the people I meet on various social networking sites, not because I really want the book – I have so many books, I can’t read them all – but I do it to support them. Then when I do get around to reading it, if it was good I review it on Amazon and maybe Goodreads – basically nobody returns the favour. It’s no wonder writers are so depressed, if writers won’t even buy each other’s books what hope do we have of others buying them? LOL

  5. Actually, I am guilty of not hitting the like button at all. I read but don’t comment so much. I have been busy trying to get things of my own going. Lately I have been active. I feel stupid but the marsocial site seemed cumbersome at first. Getting more social savy lately
    I love the outlet if just for the reading/writing.

  6. A valid point. It’s easy to quickly tap “LIKE” after you think you’ve got the gist of the article and no longer wish to keep reading.

    Alternatively, not every article deserves commentary from every reader. A controversial, but thoughtful, article often doesn’t need that one idiot to go out and comment “go make me a sandwich!”

    I think that people stay silent often because they don’t want to look like that idiot. If nothing else, the internet’s collection of knowledge has made us extremely aware that we don’t know a lot and that it’s easy to be misinformed.

  7. There is much truth to your post. It is important to remember the “golden rule”- do unto others as you would have them do unto you… if we want others to comment and read our blogs, then we must also remember to do the same for others. Thank you for taking the time to share from your heart!

  8. Barbara, I hear you and read all the way to the end. 🙂

    This is my first visit so I don’t have much to go on but this post. If someone is in my reader, I almost always read the article. If there isn’t anything which spurred me to comment but I liked the post, I will click “like”. More often than not, I leave a comment…and then forget to click like. Sometimes I will come back to do that days after posting a comment. If I wasn’t moved by the post or if it wasn’t up my alley, I just wont do either and in that case, I may not read to the end.

    I like to connect with people so prefer leaving comments and in this way I can get to know them better. Most authors reply to the comments but not all…some just have such high volume they would have to make their blog a full time effort.

    But, in reality…people are drawn to people who they share common interests with…and some differences. If the differences are too great, I find it difficult to stay interested and I will let them go for the time being, perhaps checking back on them at a later time.

    And, sometimes a writer takes a break but the connection is so good or I liked the writer so much that I keep them in my reader, hoping to hear from them in the future…delighted when they do return! At this point, since I don’t know you at all, I think I’ll peruse your blog a bit and see what you like to write about…maybe even comment if I find something I like.

  9. I agree! I comment as much as possible versus just hitting ‘Like’. I’m blogging not to force my thoughts on other people, but to network and EXCHANGE thoughts or insights or whathaveyou.

  10. Barb,
    I feel your pain on this one. And I agree with you wholeheartedly. I am probably more of a reader than I writer . . . but when I do write, I put a lot into it.
    I follow a lot of blogs. I go to my reader on a regular basis and read the new stuff. Because I love to read, I spend a lot of time doing so each week. I must admit, I rarely comment. And when I do, it is because the post touched me on a deep level. Sometimes if a post doesn’t really interest me, i won’t finish reading it. In those cases, I don’t press the “like”. Because to me, it just isn’t honest. If I read the whole thing and like it, I “like” it to let the writer know and I usually vote on it as well. To me, it is a courtesy to let the writer know I came to visit :).
    I do have a few blogs that I make it a point to visit just to catch up on what I’ve missed in my reader. They’re my favorites 🙂
    Please do not feel discouraged. You are loved! Your poetry is beautiful and I am moved every time I read them.

  11. We skim, we whizz past and sometimes we need to be reminded to slow down and actually read…not just the post but the comments and the responses as well if we are interested in the subject. So, thanks for reminding me to do just that and I hope I’ll remember to do that tomorrow too…

  12. Hi Barb. I have a certainty about why i’ve never received a legitamate (except for your thank you on the little venture I’m fixated on.) The reasons range (from my understanding) to the fact that people either think that I’m crazy, they don’t care about what I’m saying, they’re stupid, they’re too lazy to use their brains, they don’t agree with what I said, or they’re too scared to comment because of my directness. Anyway, I read as much as I can on other sites, but I rarely comment, since I’ve discovered that most of the authors of a site I air my views on, either don’t respond, or don’t take the time to peruse your blog. I mean, nobody’s forcing them to agree with your stance, but a little interaction to offer their side side of the story (even if they don’t agree with you) is not too much to ask. Oh damn, am I lamenting? Forgive me. Uhm, I’m out. I tikuah that your health improves, and btw, this was a neurons expanding post. Peace.

  13. I completely agree! My illness prevents me from following any sort of schedule, and time is the thing I lack the most. Trying to keep up with family, working on my book’s illustrations, and the day-to-day burdens is often too much; add keeping up with social networking, learning what I can before publishing (which has been postponed now indefinitely), and dealing with a current crisis at home…it’s no wonder that I choose to stay bald. I shaved off my hair after my sister’s cancer diagnosis to show her support so she wouldn’t loose it alone. She is ok now, and did not need chemo after all, but I kept it off for myself…hair-pulling prevention program…LOL.
    I wish I could make the same sort of promise to read and respond to all, but I have now idea how I would be able to manage. It’s ironic that now my kids are grown and out of the home, I am “retired” from previous career and don’t need a job, and am my own boss; yet I have less time now than when I was a single mother of 3 kids under 5 years and working full-time while attending school full-time. How is it possible???!
    My best wishes to you in this project. I hope you feel better and wish you a safe, blessed, and healthy holiday season!

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