“Sleepy Hollow” 11/11/2013 (spoilers): To Catch a Death

Midlife Crisis Crossover!

On tonight’s new episode of Sleepy Hollow, “The Midnight Ride”, all your favorite elements return: the Horseman! John Cho! Action scenes! Shotguns! Crane bemoaning the state of American history classes! Protests over the concept of paying for bottled water! Arguments about that unseemly Sally Hemings story!

For those who missed out, my attempt to streamline the basic events follows after this courtesy spoiler alert for the sake of time-shifted viewers.

As the title indicates, the story of this week’s MacGuffin began on April 18, 1775, the night of the famous “Midnight Ride” when — as the show tells it — Paul Revere and three other riders were ordered by their superiors to warn the colonists, “The regulars are coming!” (That old chestnut about “The British are coming”? Hogwash, yells Crane to a modern tour guide who clearly wasn’t there. After all, at this point the colonists were still…

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