“My Christmas Wish”

Christmas Time

I wish all the people in the world were good

To have hearts of gold

To do all the things they should

Like from the beginning of time, the things we’ve been told

I wish more would love their neighbors, even the bad

Giving with kindness straight from the heart

It would make our Lord so glad

To watch us do well, right from the start

I wish all had a home and family

Instead of so many doing without

It is difficult to watch and see

This is not what Christmas is all about

I wish all the children had a mom and dad

Loving and living in a safe place

The tragedy of insecurity makes me sad

How I would rather see the joy on a child’s face

I wish our country didn’t have others to fight

Men dying every single day

How wonderful it would be to make all things right

Bring our boys home, Lord, is what I’d say



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