“Pass it Around” Make a double batch “Please keep it going!”

2013-10-04 05.55.11Country Cottage Kitchen

“This is as much for you as it is for others”

I can’t say I came up with this idea on my own: I read it in a magazine.  Every year since I can remember I have baked goodies and delivered them on the holidays to friends and family.  Now that my children are grown, I wanted to continue the tradition.  Where I live, there are several people who have no family close and don’t or can’t bake all the goodies most of us enjoy.  The past 2 years I feed the shut-ins in my immediate area for 3 days before and on Christmas, along with my regular baking for friends and neighbors.

I read this article that said if all of us made a double batch, (in my case a quadruple batch) and find families who are alone or to your local fire dept., senior citizens homes, or families who have someone in the military.  Even if they have the goodies already, the extra thought of kindness and love will brighten their holidays.  If everyone who baked, or cooked a lot of extra shared with those who would not cook the whole holiday feast, it would cover a large amount of families and make the holidays a little brighter.

I come from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Ashe County N.C. and the people still keep some of the old ways.  One of my favorites is when a small group  go around caroling, like in the olden days.  Now people have big parties, but all aren’t in a circle to enjoy something like that.  So this year, along with my adopting a few  and doing my regular deliveries of baked goods, there will be caroling in our rather large apartment complex.  We will have chaperones to assist the children to ensure their safety, but we’ll teach them that the bests gifts are the ones where you give of yourself, to bring joy.  I’ll make sure there are a couple of homes that can serve them cookies and hot cocoa, just like I remember.

So, I am asking all of you that read this to pass it on to share in the spirit of love and giving.  Do your part.  I promise you will receive far more than you give and be teaching your children it is not all about presents:  More it is about LOVE.


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