Oh, God Of Comfort

Barbara C Rowe Author

Oh, God of Comfort

Did You hear me last night
when darkness fell upon my face?
Did You see when I reached my hands up
to be held in comfort by You?

Do you know how much you mean to me?

O, God of Comfort, Sole Provider and Redeemer,
lift me up out of this dark place.
Allow me to grow in faith and be of worth.
Lay Your comforting hand on me.

Did You see what wrong I did, in spite of Your Word?
Did You hear the words of disgrace I spoke in vain?
Can You forgive me for my weakness to stand strong?
Lord, please never leave me, and forgive me.

Do You see what my future will bring?
Is there a wonderful blessing out there
just beyond the horizon for me?
Lord, help me become a woman of faith and truth.

Did You hear me last…

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2 thoughts on “Oh, God Of Comfort

    • Thank you for the reblog and I appreciate the friendship. I would like to invite you personally to my first multi release party for all 3 of my books on Dec. 20th from 5-8. I have upped the prizes and the grand prize is a $75.00 gift card and a selection of 2 out of 3 of my books. I would love for you to come and share the fun. I hope you holidays are filled with blessings, Barb

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