Barbara C Rowe Author

How Do We Say Goodbye?

The parents go to work and teach their children the best they can,
years of school and ballgames and first cars.
Dad staying up to see if they meet the curfew on thier first date,
then the children marry and go off on their own
Mom and Dad do what they always talked about doing with quality time.
Holiday’s come and its turkey and Carolers,
Grandkids waiting for Santa
Stockings and toys to prepare for the morning to come.
We celebrate life and we sometimes fail to cherish each day we live.
Time passes by so quickly, and then the grandkids are grown.
Mom and Dad stay at home waiting for family to come visit.
Sometimes we find ourselves too busy with our own lives
We say we’ll wait until next year.
Next year comes and goes; still we put off spending quality time

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