Merry Christmas “I have missed all of you”

Barbara C Rowe Author


Happy Holidays

Many times we forget what this season represents or the promise it brings.

In current times it is hard to have trust in your fellow man,

as well as feeling Christmas cheer.

How many times have we heard someone say, “I can’t wait until this Christmas is over”?

We toil over decisions of gifts to purchase and how much we should spend.

Most of us try to value our gifts and their importance with the price.

Try to be a good neighbor, doing what is not expected of you and what you think would bring happiness and a feeling of unity.

Our children ask for so much and we try to fill all their requests.

Is this right?

In years past we were taught to give from our heart and find something of meaning to present to loved ones.

Now cards are mailed, with a signature much like…

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